August 2022

Our preprint on entropy-driven optomechanical phonon lasers is out on the arXiv.
You can read more about it here.

Our paper on cryogenic and hermetically sealed packaging of photonic chips for optomechanics has been published in Optics Express. [pdf]

June 2022

Our preprint on the demonstration of a scalable nanomechanical logic gate is out on the arXiv.

This work has also been featured in New Scientist.

Book chapter on “The convergence of cavity
optomechanics and Brillouin
scattering”, written with Mikolaj Schmidt and Raphaël van Laer has been published!

Book chapter on “Superfluid SBS”, co-authored with Warwick Bowen and Jack Harris has also been published in the same volume!

June 2021

Our paper “Electro-Optomechanical Modulation Instability in a Semiconductor Resonator,” appeared in Physical Review Letters, and was Featured on the cover.

May 2021

Our paper “Tunnelling of transverse acoustic waves on a silicon chip,” appeared in Physical Review Applied.

Read more about this research here.

April 2021

Yasmine’s work on “Extreme quantum nonlinearity in superfluid thin-film surface waves,” got published in Npj Quantum Information.

March 2021

Tihan’s paper on erbium-doped double disk resonators got published in Physical Review Applied.

Read more here.

July 2020

Our paper “Proposal for a quantum traveling Brillouin resonator” appeared in Optics Express.

Read more here.

June 2020

Welcome to Ray Harrison who is starting a PhD in superfluid optomechanics !

February 2020

Our paper “Strong optical coupling through superfluid Brillouin lasing” just got published.

Read more here.

December 2019

Our work on the observation of “Coherent Vortex Dynamics in a Strongly-Interacting Superfluid on a Silicon Chip,” appeared in Science.

Read more here.

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