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  • “Coherent Vortex Dynamics in Capturea Strongly-Interacting Superfluid on a Silicon Chip,”
    Yauhen P. Sachkou, Christopher G. Baker, Glen I. Harris, Oliver R. Stockdale, Stefan Forstner, Matthew T. Reeves, Xin He, David L. McAuslan, Ashton S. Bradley, Matthew J. Davis, Warwick P. Bowen,
    [ArXiv:1902.04409 (pdf)], Feb. 2019.

  • “Modelling of vorticity, sound and their intervortex_thaction in two-dimensional superfluids,”
    Stefan Forstner, Yauhen Sachkou, Matt Woolley, Glen I. Harris, Xin He, Warwick P. Bowen, Christopher G. Baker,
    New Journal of Physics, vol. 21, p. 053029, May 2019.
    [main text (pdf)] [Arxiv 1901.05167 (pdf)]




  • “Light-Mediated Cascaded Locking ofsynchro_3disks_v6 Multiple Nano-Optomechanical Oscillators,”
    E. Gil-Santos, M. Labousse, C. Baker, A. Goetschy, W. Hease, C. Gomez, A. Lemaître, G. Leo, C. Ciuti, and I. Favero,
    Physical Review Letters, vol. 118, p. 063605, Feb. 2017.
    [main text (pdf)] [Supplementary information (pdf)] [Arxiv 1609.09712 (pdf)]
    Selected as an Editor’s suggestion.
    Selected for the cover of PRL (link).

  • “Scalable high-precision tuniDTrU7IdW4AA-Ismng of photonic resonators by resonant cavity-enhanced photoelectrochemical etching,”
    E. Gil-Santos, C. Baker, A. Lemaître, C. Gomez, G. Leo, and I. Favero,
    Nature Communications, vol. 8, p. 14267, Jan. 2017.
    [main text (pdf)] [Supplementary information (pdf)]
    Selected as one of 12 ‘Cool Physics images of 2017’ by Nature editors (link)
    See also related patent WO2016146409 (link) (pdf)



  • “Laser v12_flare3cooling and control of excitations in superfluid helium,”
    G. I. Harris, D. L. McAuslan, E. Sheridan, Y. Sachkou, C. Baker, and W. P. Bowen,
    Nature Physics, vol. 12, pp. 788–793, Aug. 2016.
    [main text (pdf)] [Supplementary information (pdf)] [Arxiv 1506.04542 (pdf)]
    Featured in “Using laser light to cool a quantum liquid” (link).

  • “Nano-optomechanicalCaptureIEEE disk resonators operating in liquids for sensing applications,”
    Eduardo Gil-Santos, Christophe Baker, Dac Trung Nguyen, William Hease, Carmen Gomez, Aristide Lemaître, Sara Ducci, Giuseppe Leo, Ivan Favero,
    2016 IEEE 29th International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), 2016, pp. 238–241.
    [main text (pdf)]



  • “OriginCaptureOEOrigin of optical losses in gallium arsenide disk whispering gallery resonators,”
    D. Parrain, C. Baker, G. Wang, B. Guha, E. G. Santos, A. Lemaitre, P. Senellart, G. Leo, S. Ducci, and I. Favero,
    Opt. Express, vol. 23, pp. 19656–19672, Jul 2015.
    [main text (pdf)]
    [Arxiv 1507.04906 (pdf)]


2014 & before

  • “On-chip nano-optomechanical whispering gallery resonators”Picture1
    French title: “Résonateurs nano-optomécaniques à mode de galerie sur puce,”
    C. Baker,
    PhD thesis, Université Paris-Diderot – Paris VII, 2013.
    [PhD manuscript (pdf)][Presentation slides (pdf)]

  • “Critical 3disksoptical coupling between a GaAs disk and a nanowaveguide suspended on the chip,”
    C. Baker, C. Belacel, A. Andronico, P. Senellart, A. Lemaitre, E. Galopin, S. Ducci, G. Leo, and I. Favero,
    Applied Physics Letters, vol. 99, p. 151117, 2011.
    [main text (pdf)]
    [Arxiv 1108.0680 (pdf)]