Vortex in a glass

vortex in glass of water
“Coherent vortex dynamics in a strongly interacting superfluid on a silicon chip” [Science, vol. 366, 6472, p. 1480, Dec 2019]

File download (.blend Blender file): (download link) (8 MB)


Details about file:

Physical principle:

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Reference: “Coherent Vortex Dynamics in a Strongly-Interacting Superfluid on a Silicon Chip,” Yauhen P. Sachkou, Christopher G. Baker, Glen I. Harris, Oliver R. Stockdale, Stefan Forstner, Matthew T. Reeves, Xin He, David L. McAuslan, Ashton S. Bradley, Matthew J. Davis, Warwick P. Bowen,
Science, vol. 366, no. 6472, pp. 1480-1485, Dec 2019.

Rendering details:

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Keywords: Vortex in a glass blender, vortex in a cup, vortex in a glass of water, vortex core, vortex Blender cycles, .blend file.



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