Brillouin scattering animation

Animation made with the provided Blender file.

Physical principle: Find out more about this research here.

Reference: “Strong optical coupling through superfluid Brillouin lasing,”
X. He, G.I. Harris, C.G. Baker, A. Sawadsky, Y.L. Sfendla, Y.P. Sachkou, S. Forstner, and W.P. Bowen,
Nature Physics (2020).
[pdf link].

Rendering details:

Coming soon…

Keywords: Superfluid optomechanics, Brillouin scattering, Brillouin scattering in superfluids, strong mechanically-mediated optical coupling, ultra-low threshold Brillouin lasing, Radiation pressure coupling, superfluid fountain pressure, superfluid thin films, superfluid helium 4.

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